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Hight  problem  xD by princesskaoru
Hight problem xD
Hello guys ^^ this is one of my new pics from Guilty Rose My Medieval story ^^ Here we Have our  main character  Angelika  as a child with Mr Phill her dad  in a funny moment ^^ I hope you like it ^^
Daddy  ^^ by princesskaoru
Daddy ^^
Hello guys ^^ this is one of my new pics from Guilty Rose My Medieval story ^^ Here we Have our  main character as a child with Mr Phill her dad ^^ I hope you like it ^^
Arabian Nights by princesskaoru
Arabian Nights
The Flower Of The Dessert , My main Original  character  in my new story Which is still in Progress x3 this time were about to travel back in the desserts and the hot beautyful fairytail lands of Egypt and Arabia . A new story is about to begin  back in these beautyful Arabian Nights x3.
I really hope you like it ^^
I'm Here to Save My Name !! by princesskaoru
I'm Here to Save My Name !!
Hello Minna ^^ i'm back again with my first attempt on a POSTER size drawing x3
in this pic we have Ange fighting with her Evil side Eris !!!! .Let me introduse  you Eris!!
Eris is Ange's evil side which was separate from Ange after a really hard mission Which Ange had to pass in order to master the skill of the element of Ice . Gaia the Earth Goddess and also Ange's mother gave her that difficult mission because she could master that skill, and that's wahy she doesnt gave her a time limmit . But our little heroine  is a bit stuborn . XD  she went to the Earth Temple  while she was sick for days... and had nightmares!!!... this illness was caused by the Evil inside her which it was ready to take form !!!.So when Ange steped to the Temple That power took advantage of her contition and that's how Eris came to life . She is like her evil twin sister!!! and She is REALLY strong .Right after her appearence she took the semi-contious Ange and hid her inside the temple  behind  a passage she made with her powers weakend , tied up and gagged...Ange coulden't Fight in her contition so, at this point she was completelly helpless.... Then Eris went the  house where Ange was living with Tony and tried to took her place in order to fool Tony and  kill him without being noticed .. After a few failed attempts and some wierd Atitudes  of hers Tony noticed  she wasn't Ange and immidiatelly went to find her...finally he found her at the temple in the same position Eris had left her... He freed her and took her home cause she was need to rest. Then  Tony had a verry rough battle with Eris ... she was too strong . After a few hours Ange arrived at the battlefield to help Tony!! she took him aside and heald him . Then a verry fierce battle took place!!!  it lasted many hours... in the End Ange managed to win Eris and make her surrender to heal her wounds.... Tony was really proud about his girl 's will and courage and so was Gaia !!! who appeared after the fight and prised her daughter with the element of Ice  and her pressious wise words and blessings . But this battle hasen't ended yet... As long as the evil excist in this plannet Eris is going to appear again and again and again in the future . Now about the finale??? its up to Ange's hands to write it ;) .
Thank you all for reading, faving and commenting my picture ^^ i hope you like both the pic and and the plot line  ^^Anime Emoji (Yaay) Luka Looks Icon 
Deaming  After a Tough Day ^^ by princesskaoru
Deaming After a Tough Day ^^
It was late at the evening after school ,Ange fell asleep after a exausting day at school, She was prepearing the notes she wanted to give to Tony that's why she stayed late at school  .Tony was waitting for her at the school gate , he noticed she was late  he was worried and went back in the school to find her sleeping  x3
To all my watchers and  all of you  who  requested me  some pictures!!!!. I want to apologize to you!!!! for being  late with your requests!!!  i Fell awefull about it!!!! TT.TT
My  Deviant Art acount was  hacked ... and all of my messeges  have been deleted TT.TT   so please every one of you who asked me  to  draw something for him/her   , please answer  this post and send me your requests again by commenting here!!!! thank you so much for your understanding!!!!! 
  • Listening to: Jpop-rock and all rock stuff!!!
  • Reading: manga romanceses!!! twilight sagas novels ech,,
  • Watching: anime - manga lots of movies
  • Playing: playstation 2 computer games and guitar
  • Eating: well i love sweets XD
  • Drinking: juses and i love red wine XD


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